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Sharing my life experiences – the good and the not so good – to help you live your best life with strength, grace and passion through fitness, barre and self-care.


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Re-Align YourSELF  You can’t always choose what happens to you but you can always choose how you feel about it.! ...

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About me

MY Journey

London: I was born in London in 1968 from mixed-race parentage. My mother was from Guadeloupe in the French West Indies and my father from a white Jewish family over 4000 miles away in Birkenhead in England.

My father taught me kindness, honesty, humility and to treat people with respect.

My mother taught me to live passionately, fearlessly, to always trust my gut and to never compromise.

As she did throughout her life with dignity, poise and grace.

So for this very reason I am an eternal romantic and believe that love, kindness and compassion conquers all. I am a free spirit, independent, definitely resilient, always try my best and strive to be fearless in all my life pursuits.

Mission statement

The Sonia Lily Method

MY Vision; my fitness philosophy is all about wellness as a whole; physically, emotionally and mentally. For me this is intrinsic to living a healthier, happier, more balanced life and what is the foundation of The Sonia Lily Method.

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To anyone struggling with their fitness journey take a rest today and be kind to yourself. Tomorrow is another day. To anyone struggling with body image don’t compare yourself to others…NO ONE…is as beautiful and special as you because you, me, all of us are unique.

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Soo…what is Body Barre?

Influenced by classical ballet moves, mat pilates and the self-awareness of yoga I developed my Body Barre class; a low-impact, high energy, full body work out accessible to everybody in a happy and motivational space.



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