How did I become a

Barre coach ?

I was born in London in 1968 from mixed-race parentage. My mother was from Guadeloupe in the French West Indies and my father from a white Jewish family over 4000 miles away in Birkenhead in England. My father taught me kindness, honesty, humility and to treat people with respect. My mother taught me to live passionately, fearlessly, to always trust my gut and to never compromise. As she did throughout her life with dignity, poise and grace.

So for this very reason I am an eternal romantic and believe that love, kindness and compassion conquers all. I am a free spirit, independent, definitely resilient, always try my best and strive to be fearless in all my life pursuits. 

As a mixed-race little girl living in a predominantly white area of London was let’s just say, a little, difficult for me. I was desperately trying to please my parents and not disappoint them. For me that meant being ´perfect’. I was very hard on myself during this period of my life and carried a lot of sadness and frustration. I never ever felt good enough and was always, always seeking validation from outside.

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My balance

I moved to San Francisco after graduating from university where I was exposed to a life very different from 90s London; confined by labels, status and desperately trying to fit in.

There I lived the ‘hippy chic’ life to the max; hiking, sailing, jogging along Fisherman’s Wharf, Birkenstocks (yes, the first time around), farmer’s markets and a healthy way of cooking and eating.

Life was more about balance and a fit, strong body rather than deprivation, cigarettes and my stiletto heels.

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My Passion

French Riviera I now live on the French Riviera with my son Jesse-Jacques where I am a YMCA-qualified licensed Personal Trainer and STOTT®️ Pilates registered Barre Instructor. My dear friend, recently, reminded me that my life path has led me to exactly where I’m meant to be at exactly the right time of my life. And to look at every experience as an opportunity to learn and grow and every obstacle as a challenge to better yourself.

Don't ever doubt yourself

I am blessed and eternally grateful to have found the strength to reclaim what is important in my life, to have learnt from the challenges that make me who I am today and share this knowledge and these experiences to help women (and men) live a strong, balanced and healthy life.


What is self care for YOU?

I’d love to see pictures of how you practice self care and your personal health and fitness journey so please do pop over to my Instagram @barrebodyriviera and share them with me.


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