Group Classes

Using the ballet bar for support, you will pulse, plié (plee-yay…the ballet term for bending your knees), tone your upper body with light weights and, of course, work that booty. I always finish with a cool-down stretch and breathing sequence to calm, re-energise and add that glow to the rest of your day.

Body Barre includes

– Lots of pulses to sculpt your body
– Building long, lean muscle (not bulky muscles)
– Low-weight, high-reps for muscular endurance
– Improving flexibility
– Improving balance
Strengthening the core
– Improving posture

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body barre studio - group class barre with ball

Energised and Glowing

As a qualified STOTT ® Pilates Total Barre Instructor I wanted to create a work out for everyone to enjoy focusing on strengthening your core and glutes, improving your posture, flexibility, balance and sculpting the entire body. Fun and energising I adapt to the demands and requirements of every class. You will never find more than 10 people in one class as I like that connection and additional attention during each session.

I love using a variety of equipment for that extra resistance as well as working with the power of ones body weight.

These include

– Resistance Bands
– Pilates Balls
– Pilates Hoops
– Light free weights (0,5 to 2kg)

What is a Pulse?

A pulse is a small movement that is less than an inch in either direction. This type of movement is called an isometric movement and very common in Barre.

Isometric movements occur when a muscle tenses without changing its length, almost like a small contraction. This contraction is then followed by the release of the muscle, resulting in a small one-inch movement back into the original position…this is the famous pulseIn my Body Barre class I use a combination of both. The pulses are often followed by a set of ‘singles’ such as full pliés, squats and lunges which help flush out the lactic acid (that famous heat sensation) that builds up during the isometric movements.

Why all the Pulses?

My Body Barre class is all about toning…toning…and more toning. Performing these tiny isometric movements – pulses – is going to strengthen your muscles without making you look bulky. Plus there is less strain on ligaments and tendons while ‘pulsing’ so you leave feeling energised, fabulous and injury-free…ready for the next session.

body barre studio coach

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