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Body Barre Made-to-measure programmes

As a private client you will receive the benefits of one-to-one sessions that cater to your health and fitness needs. In the convenience of your own home, boutique studio or a gym of your choice. I create made-to-measure programmes exclusively for your body, fitness level and schedule. Finishing each body barre workout session feeling centred, energised, strong and glowing (happy).

My 5 basic principles

The Sonia Lily Method is based on five basic principles that have helped and continue to, guide, shape, motivate and inspire me along my fitness / life journey.

They are :

– Defining YOUR fitness goals and beyond
– Practicing SELF care
– Nourishing YOUR body (not depriving)
– Invigorating YOUR life
– Doing YOUR best

Made-to-measure fitness programmes combining:

– Sculpting and toning resistance training
– Light cardio
Stretching exercises to increase flexibility, improve balance and reduce stress.
Nutritional advice for a gorgeous glow and healthy gut.

More than just a private work out

I also love sharing simple, quick recipes, addresses for the best bio cafés, plant-based and vegan restaurants in the area and places to shop healthy, local produce. Please ask

Focus on the NOW

Rather than focusing on finding the perfect ‘balance’ for your fitness and life journey focus on the NOW. Try to focus on your best right now. Take on every day…break it down if it helps…and do the best that you can at that moment. At the end of the day/week/month/year, I promise, you will look back and realise your perfect ‘balance’ created itself.

What do you like about yourself?

Write a list of 3 to 5 things you like about yourself. If you find it hard think of someone you love and write 3 to 5 things about them instead. Now think about YOU again…

Here are some from my list to give you an idea:

– I am passionate
– I like to make people feel good about themselves
– I am loyal
– I like to make people laugh

Now do your own list and please do let me know how it feels.


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