Mission Statement

My journey

Exercise has been a part of my life ever since we used to (try to) keep up with Daddy when he went jogging in Blackheath in London. He always managed to fit in a jog no matter how tired he was.

For me fitness has never about a number on the scale or thriving for the perfect body it was always a state of mind and how I just always felt better in my head after doing some sort of exercise.

My goal for you; I developed The Sonia Lily Method as a tool to you feel stronger, healthier, set your fitness goals in place and in a supportive, energised and happy space.

Helping you feel :

  • Well in YOUR body

  • Well in YOUR head

  • Well in YOUR reflection

My qualifications

I am a qualified YMCA Licensed Personal Trainer and STOTT Pilates Total Barre Instructor practising in Antibes, Nice and Monaco in the South of France. I speak both French and English.

My tools

I teach primarily with resistance bandspilates balls and hoops and light weights with a focus on low impact exercisesfunctionality, strengthening the core and butt, improving stability, flexibility and posture for a toned, sculpted, fit body and healthy mind.

Personal Trainer nice

My 5 principles

The Sonia Lily Method is based on five basic principles that have helped and continue to, guide, shape, motivate and inspire me along my own fitness / life journey.

They are :

  • Defining YOUR fitness goals and beyond
  • Practicing SELF care
  • Nourishing YOUR body (not deprivation)
  • Invigorating YOUR life
  • Doing YOUR best

Healthy, active living is the mindful decision to nourish yourself with good food, move your body with care and believe in yourself even when you’re ready to give up. These are the moments that count most and that I look forward to helping you with your health and fitness journey.


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